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  • 3 Markers and 3 Purposes: Fine, Broad Line and Super Tip

    If you're looking for bulk markers you will find three different tip sizes -- fine, broad line and super tips. Why are there three types and what a...
  • How To Keep Your Colored Pencils Sharp

    Colored pencils will lose their edge as you transfer the wax-based pigment from the pencil to the paper. They differ from ‘leaded’ pencils in that ...
  • See Our Great Coloring Pages

    Not everything on the internet involves a payment! We love to give something back to our customers.  Have you seen our free-to-use coloring pages o...
  • The Best Ways to Store Your Child’s Artwork

    When your child excitedly brings home their artwork the first place that you'll want to put it is going to be on the refrigerator. Soon the fridge will be covered with beautiful artwork, but you will want to keep their masterpieces over time won’t you?
  • What Are Erasers Made Out Of?

    You’re never going to get your sketch right first time, and there will always be a need for an eraser to help tidy your work. Can we recommend our eraser bulk packs from Color Swell? These latex free erasers are ideal for your office closetschool art supplies, and as party favors.
  • 5 Ways a Brush Can Improve Your Coloring With Markers

    You can use a wet brush to augment the coloring and drawing you do with Color Swell markers. This can achieve a range of results that can add fun to your artwork!