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  • Tips of Using Oil Pastels

    Oil Pastels are a fun medium that can yield impressive results by employing different techniques and tools, such as varying the pressure applied, t...
  • Funny Jokes from Color Swell (June 2024)

    Here are some jokes about art supplies and we wanted to share the laughter!   Also, be sure to use your coupon for a 15% discount on your next purc...
  • Tips for Organizing Art and Craft Supplies

    Organizing art and craft supplies can be a creative endeavor in its own right. You can have fun with it as long as you observe a few basic rules: ...
  • Funny Jokes from Color Swell (May 2024)

    Ready to laugh? Here are some jokes and discounts about art supplies that made us giggle. For example: What school supply is king of the classroom? The ruler!
  • Unique Art Supplies

    There are a range of cool and unique art supplies for kids that provide them with the opportunity to work independently, develop their ideas and cr...
  • Art-Based Careers

    Growing up is about self-discovery. Kids often get a lot of pressure at an early age to decide what they want to do for their career. Art can be a career path, such as an Art Therapist, a Tattoo Artists, and a UX/UI Designer.
  • Some Nice Customer Feedback about Color Swell

    Color Swell art supplies are perfect for classrooms, groups, religious organizations, donations, government institutions, party favors, and more! O...
  • Three Artistic Activities That Can Help Improve Your Mental Health

    Working with art supplies and creating your own works of art can be a form of meditation and release. Three examples of artistic activities that can be used to improve your mood and disposition are sketching outdoors, using your imagination, and coloring.
  • Silly Jokes from Color Swell (April 2024)

    Here are some jokes from Color Swell to add a bigger smile to your face today.  We also included a 15% discount on your next purchase in April 2024.  For example, why was the artist a good cowboy? He was quick on the draw!
  • Paint Brushes for Beginners

    Color Swell offers paint brushes in bulk that includes a variety of sizes, including a range of lengths from 6.4 to 7.3 inches and bristle length ranges from 0.3 to 0.7 inches. Color Swell paint brush packs include more brushes than most other packs on the market (12 brushes versus 10 brushes) and at a great price!
  • How to Use Oil Pastels

    Oil pastels are like crayons but have pigments that are bound by wax and oil, instead of just wax, which allows oil pastels to hold more pigment. Further, oil pastels are more versatile than crayons such as by using additional tools like a heat, mineral or baby oil, or a palette knife.
  • Funny Jokes from Color Swell (March 2024)

    Do you need a laugh today? Here are a few jokes about art supplies to give you a chuckle. Let's start with a funny quote - “Artists, the only people who can make a scene and get applauded for it.”