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  • Ideas for Giving Art Supplies as Gifts

    The holiday season is coming - from the Harvest Festival to Hanukah and Christmas. How about gifts of Color Swell art supplies?
  • Monthly Art Jokes - September 2022

    Who said art supplies cannot be funny? Definitely not Color Swell! Here are your monthly jokes about art supplies. When you are done laughing, do not forget to visit ColorSwell.com for 10% off.
  • Art Tutorial - Folded Paper Art

    Here are two folded paper art projects that appeal to people of different skill levels - Paper Airplanes and Paper Fans.
  • Art Project: DIY Picture Frames

    We love new ideas for cool art projects to do with children and to help them develop their art skills. Picture frames can be artwork themselves, even while showing off another piece of art within the frame.
  • Make a Homemade Crayon Holder

    Crayons are not just for the home or the classroom. Creating a homemade and portable crayon holder is a fun project that is also useful for traveling with your Color Swell crayons.
  • How to Color with Color Swell Crayons

    Observing the less-than-perfect scribbles that children make with their crayons you might think that coloring with crayons are not the best medium. However, if you use the right techniques, coloring with Color Swell crayons can be as beautiful and satisfying as any other type of art supply.
  • Silly Jokes about Art Supplies (July 2022)

    Get ready for some big laughs! Here are a few jokes and puns about art supplies. It is okay to chuckle and laugh out loud. My friend told me that h...
  • How Can I Support Local Art Education?

    Art Can Make Us Human In a 2021 American Academy for Arts & Sciences article, actor and author John Lithgow said, “We want every child to have ...
  • Soft versus Hard Material in Colored Pencils

    As with regular pencils for sketching and gray artwork, the materials in colored pencils can be hard or soft as well. Why choose one over another? ...
  • Art Project: Making Camouflage Art

    People can blend in with different environments. A person in Arctic Norway can wear white clothing to blend in with the snow, while a person in the...
  • Donate Art Supplies to Hospitals and Non-Profit Organization

    Color Swell supports organizations that provide art education for children in need. You can imagine how it feels to be unable to hang out with your...
  • Tips and Tricks for Drawing Letters and Numbers

    Drawing letters and numbers is very much a freestyle-thing as long as you follow certain guidelines (so people can understand what they are seeing ...