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  • How Does Coloring Aid Children’s Learning and Development?

    Art and coloring does a lot to help children’s learning and development. It helps with focus, fine motor skills, creativity, expression, and other subjects in school.
  • Monthly Jokes About Art Supplies from Color Swell - September 2023

    We love art supplies and we love to laugh. Here are some of funny jokes, quotes, and puns about art supplies that made the Color Swell team laugh this month.
  • Do Art Supplies Have an Expiration Date?

    Kept unopened in their original packaging in the right conditions, most art supplies should stay in good condition for a few years. Non-liquid art supplies will last longer. If a cap is left off a marker it may be unusable within a few days as the water evaporated.
  • Advice for Someone that is New to Watercolors

    Watercolors can be scary to the uninitiated. Here are five tips for having fun with Color Swell watercolors. (1) Dive in; (2) Choose the right colors for you; (3) Choose right brushes for you; (4) Experiment with use water and pigment; and (5) Enjoy yourself!
  • Jokes About Art Supplies from Color Swell (August 2023)

    We like to have have and laugh about art supplies. Here are some of the things that make us at Color Swell laugh.   Q: Where do primary colors go when they are bad? A: Prism  Q: Did you hear about the artists that sketched crime scenes? A: That type of work is not for the faint of art.
  • The Difference Between Wax Based and Oil Based Colored Pencils

    Many artists still prefer wax-based colored pencils to oil-based colored pencils. Oil-based colored pencils cost more than wax-based colored pencils. This post looks at the differences between these two types of colored pencils.
  • Encourage Students to Develop Their Own Style in Art

    An art influencer or instructor can show their students a wide array of art disciplines, techniques, and masters so the students can become inspired by one or more things that interest them.

  • Jokes About Art Supplies from Color Swell (July 2023)

    Did you know that kid's art and art supplies can be funny? Take a look at this month's jokes about art supplies!
  • How to Use Water with Watercolor Paint

    Have you noticed how a wet paint brush leaves lighter colors and a paint brush that is too dry leaves stronger colors? You can use water to achieve different levels of color saturation.
  • Selecting a Paintbrush for Watercolors

    It is possible to spend a lot of money on watercolor paint brushes that use specialized bristles and handles. Here is a simple (and financially fri...
  • More Silly Art Jokes from Color Swell (June 2023)

    Ready for a giggle or even a great big belly laugh? It depends on your sense of humor, but we hope that you enjoy this month's selection of jokes about art supplies.
  • Inspiring Students in Art

    Inspiration can come from a host of sources. Here are ideas to help inspire your students to create art from inside or outside the classroom.