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  • Ideas for Giving Art Supplies as Gifts

    The holiday season is coming - from the Harvest Festival to Hanukah and Christmas. How about gifts of Color Swell art supplies?
  • Monthly Art Jokes - September 2022

    Who said art supplies cannot be funny? Definitely not Color Swell! Here are your monthly jokes about art supplies. When you are done laughing, do not forget to visit ColorSwell.com for 10% off.
  • Art Tutorial - Folded Paper Art

    Here are two folded paper art projects that appeal to people of different skill levels - Paper Airplanes and Paper Fans.
  • The Best Ways to Store Your Child’s Artwork

    When your child excitedly brings home their artwork the first place that you'll want to put it is going to be on the refrigerator. Soon the fridge will be covered with beautiful artwork, but you will want to keep their masterpieces over time won’t you?
  • Cleaning watercolors from different surfaces

    When it comes to bulk watercolors and kids there’s an inevitability – they will make a mess!
  • 10 Tips on How To get the Best Out of Coloring with Crayons

    When you color with crayons, you’ll soon find that it is a unique medium in its own right.