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10 Tips on How To get the Best Out of Coloring with Crayons

When you color with crayons, you’ll soon find that it is a unique medium in its own right. Paints and pencils are very different in the way they behave. There are a number of ways to bring your artwork to life when you use crayons such as the bulk crayon packs we sell here at Color Swell.

Our 10 top tips for using crayons

#1 Use Color Swell crayons. Our bulk crayon packs are some of the best quality crayons you can use – and the best value too!

#2 Choose the paper carefully. A rougher paper will hold more color while a smoother less – but you could have a different effect. A heavier weight could be good for using other effects like baby oil or alcohol (see below)


#3 Try doing your own line drawings. A dark permanent ink will stay visible when you color over it. Pencil meanwhile will disappear like a sketch behind paint.

#4 Use a sharpener. A good sharp edge enables you to get fine detail from the coloring. It isn’t just about large smudges of color!


#5 Color in one direction. You don’t want your artwork to look like a toddler’s scribbling! The viewer can see the direction of the coloring unless you blend it after.


#6 Light colors first and then darker ones on top. If you do it this way you can build layers of colors and blend them as you go.


#7 Neatness isn’t perfection. Try coloring over the lines slightly. You can play with blending on the spillover too!


#8 Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty! You can get the wax to blend with background colors with your finger or thumb, getting some color mixes and softening the layers. Your body heat should be warm enough to melt it just enough.


#9 Baby oil or alcohol? Both oil and alcohol can thin the wax and you can improve the blending as you go. What could you do with a cotton bud or small sponge to blend the layers?


#10 Try a craft knife! Layers of wax can be removed to show the lighter layers below, enabling you to show the different layers by adding detail after putting them down.


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