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Art Tutorial - Folded Paper Art

Here are two folded paper art projects that appeal to people of different skill levels.  

Paper Airplanes

Using a regular size a piece of paper (8.5 by 11 inches), fold it in half long-ways and unfold the paper to it's original size.

Then fold in the corners of the paper inward toward the fold line to form a point and what will be the tip of the airplane.

Fold the triangle tip back to re-create a rectangle. Repeat the earlier step of folding the corners (of the same end) inwards. Then re-fold the paper inwards and together as you did in the first step.  

Fold each side of the paper down to create the airplane wings. Fold up the ends of each wing (just a half inch) for loops and longer flight.   

This is a simple airplane. You can play with the aerodynamics and weights of the tip. Narrower wings will fly faster while wider wings will stay in the air for longer.

You can decorate your favorite and most successful designs using your Color Swell art materials.


Measure lines a half-inch apart along the length or width of a piece of paper.

Fold into a concertina (backward and forward folds).

Fold an inch of the end up (which will be your "holder") and then open the fan at the other. 

For a more advanced project get four pieces of paper that are half the width of the original piece of paper and color them using Color Swell art materials, such as markers, crayon, and colored pencils. 

Cut these papers into half inch strips and glue them on each side of the paper so half will appear looking at one side of the fan and the rest on the other side. Fold the paper as instructed when the glue is dry.  


Have fun folding the paper and decorating the results with Color Swell art materials!