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  • Have You Seen Our Beginner’s Guides?

    Color Swell loves to show our customers the best and different ways of using the our products. Have you seen our Beginners Guides? The guides show you the best techniques to achieve the sort of results very quickly that you might otherwise attribute to more advanced artists.
  • 3 Different Surfaces for Coloring with Crayons

    Messing around with Color Swell bulk crayons is fun and allows kids’ imagination to run free. But what if there was other surfaces they could use it on? 
  • Color Swell Crayons – Candles, Multicolored Crayons and Suncatchers!

    You don’t need to throw crayons away when they are small or broken. Here are three ways of using them until there’s nothing left!
  • A Guide to Donating Art Supplies

    Sometime when you buy bulk art supplies you have some leftovers. Have you thought of donating your art supplies to groups that may need them?   Pla...
  • 10 Tips on How To get the Best Out of Coloring with Crayons

    When you color with crayons, you’ll soon find that it is a unique medium in its own right.