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  • 3 Markers and 3 Purposes: Fine, Broad Line and Super Tip

    If you're looking for bulk markers you will find three different tip sizes -- fine, broad line and super tips. Why are there three types and what a...
  • 3 Ways to Keep Using Your Color Swell Markers After They’ve Dried Out

    Dried markers doesn’t need to be the end of the markers – you can still use the pigments even after the water has gone. Let’s look at three ways of squeezing every last drop out of your Color Swell markers. 
  • How to Get Longest Life Out of Markers

    Color Swell sells bulk markers that have a long lifespan, but did you know you can prolong their lifespan even more with a little extra care? With these simple "tips" (pun intended) you should maximize the time between orders and minimize your outlay on art supplies.