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Types of Markers

Not all markers are the same. Broadly speaking there are five different types of markers:

  • Regular washable 
  • Ultra-washable
  • Not specified
  • Permanent
  • Special markers like glitter or metallic


These markers typically use water as a solvent. Unwanted marks can be removed with water-based cleaning methods on skin and common fabrics. These markers are not guaranteed to wash out but generally can be removed with one wash or with additional support (such as with rubbing alcohol).


These markers will wash out is most situations and conditions (Color Swell does not offer this type of marker). Like washable markers, these are water-based.

Not specified

These are packs that do not say “washable”, "permanent" or anything else. These markers should be considered difficult to remove.


These markers will often have an alcohol-based solvent that cannot easily be removed without using an alcohol/abrasive removal method.

These markers are best kept away from younger children.

Special Markers

Like permanent markers, these will often use an alcohol or similar based solvent and will be more challenging to remove. These markers include glitter and metallic markers.  As with permanent markers, these are perhaps best kept away from younger aspiring artists.

Color Swell Markers

Have a look at  Color Swell marker range for different types of washable and permanent markers.