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Popular Colors for Young Artists

Did you know that blue is the most popular color on four continents and 10 countries? A 2015 global survey showed that people in the United States, Britain, Germany, China and Australia all prefer blue to other colors.

In the US, around 30% of people preferred blue, well ahead of the next most popular colors (green, purple, red and black). There are also different orders in preferences between countries - for instance the UK, Germany and Australia have red as their second preference, while the U.S. and China prefer green.  

Age was not a major factor in the survey, though political affiliation and gender did play a rule. In the United States, 40% of men chose blue while 27% of women selected blue at their favorite. Ironically, 33% of Republican voters chose blue as their favorite color while 29% of Democrat voters chose that color.

While market research has shown that while age groups do not have major differences in color preferences, the older you are the more likely you are to prefer patterns. Conversely, young children prefer big blocks of color. Adolescents start to prefer patterns of increasing complexity and adults tend to go for more sophisticated colors – such as sea-green over a primary blue.

Young Artists

Research shows that while young artists may choose blue as a preferred color, but the simpler colors are selected over more nuanced ones. Consider lessons that teach simple shading and blending techniques using watercolors and pencils to younger people and increase the complexity and expectations as they get older. 

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