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Tips for Getting the Best Performance from Broad Line and Super Tip Markers

Color Swell has a range of broad line and super tip marker packs, but what are the benefits of using one or the other?

Pointed Ends

Both super tip and broad line markers have pointed ends. That both can be used to draw fine lines and add detail when coloring in a piece of work. The big difference is the width of the marker.

Hold at an Angle

The proper technique is to hold the super tip and broad line marker at an angle to vary the width of the line. Broad line markers offer a much greater potential thickness to the line than super tip markers.

Fine Motor Skills

As a child progresses in their art, they will continue to develop fine motor skills. Using a broad line marker can help them develop this further as they learn to vary the angle of the marker to achieve different results, such as with creative lettering.

Super tip markers are good for fine detail as the child progresses on their artwork journey.

Using markers is very like using paintbrushes - you will use a fine brush for fine detail and a broad brush for broader strokes.

Super Tip and Broad Line Markers from Color Swell

Color Swell has a range of different sized packs of super tip and broad line markers to suit your needs, which you can see at our online store.