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  • Color Swell - Silly Jokes about Art Supplies - January 2023

    We hope that you are having a great start to 2023!  Here are some funny jokes about art to help you start the New Year off with a laugh.   Please v...
  • How to Have More Creative Energy?

    Around wintertime we often face dark skies, little daylight and a general malaise that can - combined with endless social and work demands - have a...
  • Art Supplies Are No Laughing Matter

    Happy Holidays!Here are some jokes that you can tell your friends, families, and colleagues during this month's holiday parties. Visit www.ColorSwe...
  • Art Project: Collage Landscapes

    What is a Collage Landscape? A collage landscape is a piece of paper on which you place or glue objects to get a textured image of a landscape. This might include cotton balls for clouds, blue paper for sea, and leaves for trees.

  • November Jokes about Art Supplies from Color Swell

    It is November, so that means that the holidays are right around the corner. Here are some jokes that you can tell your friends, families, and coll...
  • Create a Photo Book of Your Art Projects

    Kids produce a lot of art in their creative moments. Before you know it your walls are covered and there are stacks more to put up. In a previous C...
  • Color Swell - Jokes About Art Supplies - October 2022

     Get ready to giggle with some jokes about art supplies from Color Swell!When you are done giggling, visit ColorSwell.com for 10% off your next pur...
  • Mental Health Benefits of Drawing and Coloring

    Drawing and coloring are great ways to be present in the moment and quietening your inner voice. Focus is another great benefit. Overall, there are...
  • Ideas for Giving Art Supplies as Gifts

    The holiday season is coming - from the Harvest Festival to Hanukah and Christmas. How about gifts of Color Swell art supplies?
  • Monthly Art Jokes - September 2022

    Who said art supplies cannot be funny? Definitely not Color Swell! Here are your monthly jokes about art supplies. When you are done laughing, do not forget to visit ColorSwell.com for 10% off.
  • Art Tutorial - Folded Paper Art

    Here are two folded paper art projects that appeal to people of different skill levels - Paper Airplanes and Paper Fans.
  • Art Project: DIY Picture Frames

    We love new ideas for cool art projects to do with children and to help them develop their art skills. Picture frames can be artwork themselves, even while showing off another piece of art within the frame.