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  • Must-Have Art Supplies for Children

    Art is a wonderful way of helping children develop. Introduce non-toxic and washable art supplies such as crayons, markers, watercolors, tempera paint, scissors, and oil pastels as children develop.

  • Funny Jokes from Color Swell (February 2024)

    Here are some silly jokes about art supplies to help bring a smile to your face. For example, what do you call it when a marker raises a good argument? A fine point.
  • Fun Ways to Organize Art Supplies

    There are many fun ways to create containers for your art supplies. Let’s take a blast through some fun ways of storing art supplies! It might be fun to create your art supply container from used goods. You could go on a mission to a flea markets, thrift stores, and garage sales to find the perfect container.
  • Funny Jokes from Color Swell (January 2024)

    Welcome to 2024! Here are some silly jokes about art supplies to help start the New Year.   Also, get a 15% discount on your next purchase at www.c...
  • Art Themed Parties

    There are a host of reasons to have an art-based children’s party, whether it is be based on popular characters or simply as a "chill out zone" at a regular party.
  • Funny Jokes from Color Swell (December 2023)

    Happy Holidays! Here are some funny jokes about art supplies! We also are offering a 15% discount on your next purchase.
  • Guide to Using Art Supplies as Party Favors

    A host that offers party favors allows everyone that attends a party to come back home with something fun. Bulk art supplies from Color Swell make great party favors!
  • How to Remove Stubborn Marker Marks

    Like it or not, artwork can spill over to hands, to the table, or on your clothing. Washable or ultra-washable markers can be removed in normal conditions. There are three general types of marker removal methods: alcohol, fats/oils, and abrasives.
  • Jokes and Other Funny Things from Color Swell (November 2023)

    Are you ready for funny jokes about art supplies? Get ready to laugh! When you're done laughing, there's a 10% discount on your next purchase at www.colorswell.com.
  • Safety Practices For Kids Using Scissors

    Teach kids the skills for safely using scissors. Color Swell only sells round-tipped scissors, which is an important safety measure. The blades are still sharp so care should be taken to be sure that they understand that if the blades can cut paper they can also cut skin.

  • Tips for Getting the Best Performance from Broad Line and Super Tip Markers

    Color Swell has a range of broad line and super tip marker packs, but what are the benefits of using one or the other?
  • How Does Coloring Aid Children’s Learning and Development?

    Art and coloring does a lot to help children’s learning and development. It helps with focus, fine motor skills, creativity, expression, and other subjects in school.