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  • What Are Erasers Made Out Of?

    You’re never going to get your sketch right first time, and there will always be a need for an eraser to help tidy your work. Can we recommend our eraser bulk packs from Color Swell? These latex free erasers are ideal for your office closetschool art supplies, and as party favors.
  • Color Swell Art Supplies Are Safe and Nontoxic

    One of the things all kids do is put things in their mouths. Where it comes to paints, markers and crayons, you can be assured nearly every child w...
  • A Guide to Donating Art Supplies

    Sometime when you buy bulk art supplies you have some leftovers. Have you thought of donating your art supplies to groups that may need them?   Pla...
  • 3 Techniques to Add Zest to Your Watercoloring

    We can’t promise that the children that you buy bulk watercolors from Color Swell for will be the next artistic genius, with the three techniques below you can let them explore their creativity further!