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Paint Brushes for Beginners

Color Swell painting supplies include watercolor packs, tempera paints, and paint brushes. Let’s explore some of the details of Color Swell paint brushes to help expand your artistic development.

Brush Size

We recommend that beginner Artists that are working with tempera or watercolor paints start with these three brush sizes:

  • Size 2 for finer detail, such as a cat’s whiskers or leaves on a tree;
  • Size 6 for smaller washes and the shades of watercolors; and
  • Size 12 for more expansive areas and background detail.

Brush Heads

Round-headed brushes will be used for a large portion of your painting. These types of brush heads will produce broader lines with heavier applications while a lighter touch can produce fine points and details.

Flat-headed brushes come in a variety of sizes and are generally used for washes. These types of brush heads are also ideal for producing straight lines. 


Your art supplies do not have to be expensive or flashy because your skills and creativity are more important. We recommend that you invest a little in your first brushes or brush packs and you can add to your collection as you develop as an Artist.

Color Swell offers paint brushes in bulk that includes a variety of sizes, including a range of lengths from 6.4 to 7.3 inches and bristle length ranges from 0.3 to 0.7 inches. Color Swell paint brush packs include more brushes than most other packs on the market (12 brushes versus 10 brushes) and at a great price!