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Tips for Organizing Art and Craft Supplies

Organizing art and craft supplies can be a creative endeavor in its own right. You can have fun with it as long as you observe a few basic rules:

  • Art supplies are best stored in a cool, dark place.
  • Storing the items out-of-reach or within reach (depending on the item).
  • Be sure that caps and containers are closed so the materials do not degrade or dry out.
  • Organize the art supplies in some logical way (new separated used and/or markers separated from crayons, etc.).

You can use a drawer, box, or cupboard to store your art supplies. We also recommend that you consider using additional cases or compartments for storage within the art supply storage area.

We do not recommend spending a lot of money on your art supply storage project. Here are some cost-conscious ideas:

  • Reuse old stuff around the home, such as shoe boxes, toilet roll cardboard cores, and cardstock paper.
  • Check out local thrift stores, garage sales, and flea markets for low-cost storage ideas.
  • Not quite perfect? How can you make imperfect perfect? Get your creative juices flowing!

The neurodiverse parent or child might want something so perfectly organized that colors must sit in a perfect order and size range, while a more chaotic mind might enjoy something less perfect.

Overall, just be sure that your art supplies are kept safely and securely and they last for many art projects. 

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