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Art-Based Careers

Growing up is about self-discovery. Kids often get a lot of pressure at an early age to decide what they want to do for their career. Art can be a career path and we will look at three options in this blog post.

Art Therapist

People who have experienced trauma are often able to express their feelings through art. Art therapy can be a rewarding career by helping people express and process their feelings.

UI/UX Designer

A User Interface (UI) / User Experience (UX) IT Designer is a well-compensated career path that is based in art.  This job tests website design elements to be sure that the information presented is efficient and clear for action.

Tattoo Artist

Tattooing is a lifestyle choice as much as a career. Tattoo Artists typically have had years of exploration to be able to produce extremely high quality work.  Over time, these Artists develop styles of their own.

Keep the Aspiring Artist Interested through Color Swell Art Supplies

Have a look at Color Swell art supplies to see what might help keep your aspiring artist interested in art. You never know what direction they may take in life!