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Color Swell Crayon Classpacks

Crayon classpacks are an ideal way of buying bulk art supplies at a good value because you are getting 1680 crayons at a great price.


Each crayon effectively costs 4¢ (as against 5¢ from our many of competitors), crayon classpacks are affordable.


Color Swell crayons are ASTM certified as non-toxic. The crayons are safe for use for artists of all levels (and ages 3+). 


Fine wax and vibrant colors enable your children to express themselves in the very best way. 

24 Colors Per Pack

Color Swell classpack crayons come in a fantastic range of 24 colors, including red, red orange, orange, yellow orange, yellow, yellow green, green, green blue, aquamarine, sky blue, blue, cerulean, navy blue, violet, red violet, magenta, bubblegum, pink, lavender, peach, brown, black, gray and white.


Color Swell donates art supplies to organizations that provide art services and education to children in need.

Color Swell Crayons Classpack

With that in mind, buy our crayon classpacks today!