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Ideas for Giving Art Supplies as Gifts

The holiday season is coming - from the Harvest Festival to Hanukah and Christmas. How about gifts of Color Swell art supplies? 

Air Dry Magic Clay

With this magic clay you don’t need to bake the final result in a special oven - it dries in just a few days. The clay comes in six vibrant colors so you do not need to paint it with special glaze either.

Packed in 80 packs, with each pack containing a one-ounce tablet that the Artist can use to make small or larger sculptures while mixing and matching colors.


A mixed crayon pack can given as one large gift or split into two or three smaller gifts. The large neon crayons would be a hit with younger family or friends while the regular crayons can create impressive pieces of art.

Mixed Packs

Color Swell mixed packs include markers, crayons, watercolors, or colored pencils so your recipient artists can let their imagination run wild!

The mixed packs come in a range of pack sizes so you can choose one order to reach different numbers of friends and family. 

Kid-Friendly and Safe

Color Swell crayons, markers, watercolors, and other art supplies are non-toxic and safe for all levels of artists.

Include Color Swell bulk art supplies on your shopping list this holiday season. Happy shopping!