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The Best Ways to Store Your Child’s Artwork

When your child excitedly brings home their artwork the first place that you'll want to put it is going to be on the refrigerator. Soon the fridge will be covered with beautiful artwork, but you will want to keep their masterpieces over time won’t you?

There are a few ways out there to keep it all for posterity. Let’s look at four ideas now.

Scan and Make It Into a Book

The idea of scanning an image could result in the images being lost in the high tide of photos and other digital memorabilia that come in the Digital Age.

Why not then pay a company to print those images in a book to keep on your bookshelves? These can cost as little as $40 for a single book. Over the years you could keep a collection to go back and see how your little ones have developed and grown, volume by volume!

In this way, it won’t be lost on Google Photos or a hard drive and you can find it immediately on your bookshelf.

Artist’s Portfolio

Artist’s portfolio books are often hardcover and have 20-30 transparent envelope pages within, and can cost as little as $17. They often have a clear plastic cover so you can embellish the front with a picture of the child that has made the artwork in question.

This is significantly cheaper than paying for a book to be specially printed and will still keep the artwork intact and out of harm’s way on your bookshelves.

In a Ring Binder…

Not everyone is so serious as to spend $40+ for a specially printed book unless your child is particularly precocious as an artist from the start! The cheapest way of course is to keep the artwork stored in A4 ring binder pockets and to use a colorful ring binder for every year as they develop.

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