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Art Project: DIY Picture Frames

We love new ideas for cool art projects to do with children and to help them develop their art skills. Picture frames can be artwork themselves, even while showing off another piece of art within the frame.

Cardstock Paper and Glue

Cut the cardstock paper to the right size, which should be slightly smaller than the finished artwork or photo. The edges can be as wide or as narrow as you want, but remember that you should be showing off the artwork and not just the frame. Use your Color Swell art supplies to decorate the frame and then glue the photo or artwork within the frame when done. Stop and admire your handiwork! 




Cut a frame out of cardstock paper and gather some sticks from your yard or local woods. Be sure that the sticks are reasonably thin - maybe a 1/4 inch at most. Cut the sticks to length according to the length and breadth of the frame. Glue the sticks to the cardstock frame so they run parallel to the line of the frame.

You can even varnish the finished frame to make the sticks shine!


Colored Pencils and Crayons

Using old Color Swell bulk colored pencils or Color Swell crayons, glue them to the homemade frame, with the points either pointing to or away from or parallel with the picture.

Old Magazines

Takes some old magazines and cut out the pages and roll them up small so they come out as different colors. These "bunches" are flexible so you can glue them to the frame in wavy lines, geometric forms, or cover the full frame..

Use Your Imagination



There are many, many other options. What about googly eyes or buttons? Old electronics cables? Whatever you choose, be sure that you are stocked up on bulk art supplies from Color Swell.