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Best Environments for Drawing and Painting

Art has been called part-inspiration and part-creativity. Here are some suggestions for locations to use your Color Swell bulk art supplies to achieve your best artwork.

Capturing Live Imagery

Outdoors is often a great place to get the creative juices flowing. An artist in the wild, working on their masterpiece with an easel to hold the paper in place with the sound and smells of the world influencing the impression of the image they are capturing is one of the classic ways of creating a piece of fine art. This pre-dates photography by millennia and can still be a better way of capturing the atmosphere of a scene as well as the image.

Being outdoors to do some artwork can involve other factors too. If you put a piece of fine paper over the bark of a tree and rub crayon over it you should be able to capture the texture of the bark without actually killing the tree you’re celebrating. That is a clever means of capturing life as it exists in the moment.

Indoors in Groups

Like the idea of being in a crowd, you can feel a vibe in a room when in a group and capture that feeling with your artwork. Never mind the classic ‘life drawing class’, but how about an artist drawing the life drawing class as they work? This environment can capture the focus of the group together as they interpret the world in their own ways.

Indoors in Silence

Not everyone can get ‘in the zone’ in a wild or noisy place to capture the atmosphere. Sometimes you need silence and stillness. This environment could be a good fit for a piece of fantasy work where the artist is drawing something entirely from their imagination - perhaps a dragon breathing fire over a brave knight.

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