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Art Tutorial: Drawing Doodles With Your Name

One of the simplest art lessons for students is to draw doodles around their name. This is an opportunity for them to show their personality and be free with their imagination.

No Set Style

There are no firm rules for this lesson except that should not obscure the artist’s name.

To make the lesson even more interesting (and challenging), have the students write their name in Cyrillic, Chinese or Yiddish, for example.

Start With the Words

As with any piece of artwork, the students should start by writing their name. This might be sketched with a leaded pencil to get the outline right, which will disappear after coloring. Pencil is good as the young artist can work on the core letters or symbols and erase any mistakes as they go.

Doodles - Freestyle!

Next, the students should build the doodles out from the letters to create a creative pattern.

The finished project may range from something very simple to very complex and detailed doodles.  The doodles will reflect the message that the student wishes to convey.


The class can choose almost any art supplies for this project. A brush and paint can be used for calligraphy, while markers, crayons and colored pencils can be used in other ways. 

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