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See Our Great Coloring Pages

Not everything on the internet involves a payment! We love to give something back to our customers. 

Have you seen our free-to-use coloring pages on the Color Swell website? Whether for teaching your students finer coloring techniques with watercolors, crayon, or markers; or simply for giving your kids at home something to do on a rainy day, you can simply go onto our website and print them out!

Ideas for Using Color Swell Coloring Pages

Given the amount of time we are inside, boredom can kick in when confined due to local restrictions or even with illness. With over 50 free pages to print out direct from the Color Swell website you could keep your homebound children occupied for many hours!

At the same time you could also get your little ones to follow the Color Swell Beginners Guides to artwork using watercolor, crayon and markers. These guides could introduce them to new techniques and ideas and help them develop their artwork skills even further.

For younger children, developing their coloring techniques from scrawls to finer and more careful decorations is part of improving their fine motor control for their hands. For their brains, encourage them to use different colors for certain features. Would a green or blue face on one of the images of people tickle them? You can get them thinking of aliens from space ships!

Where it comes to more structured times such as Sunday School or even for art classes at school, you can print the images out on different types of paper and use them for things like watercolor, crayon, and other art materials. In previous blogs here at Color Swell we have looked at wider uses of things like crayons and watercolors. Could you end up starting out the next JMW Turner by teaching them to layer watercolors on our line drawings? Tell them to remember us when they become famous!

Don’t Forget Color Swell Art Supplies!

Yes, we had to get that in didn’t we?! Have a look around our website to see what we have on offer!