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Art Project: Making Camouflage Art

People can blend in with different environments. A person in Arctic Norway can wear white clothing to blend in with the snow, while a person in the desert can wear tan clothing to blend in with sand or greens and browns to blend in to a forest.

In nature some organisms, such as octopi, can change their skin color and texture to match the background. Others organism change by season, such as an Arctic hare will sometimes shed their white fur after the snows have melted and would otherwise be easily seen on the greens of the land.

Design Your Picture Before You Start

The animal or person should be drawn first, but keep in mind the background. Sketch the subject first and then sketch in the environment. 

Use a variety of art supplies, such as watercolors and crayons, to color in the image. Use similar colors on the subject and on the background.  Develop different patterns around the lines of your drawing.  

A good Camouflage Image

The subject should not be immediately obvious. The subject should be seen due to the gray and speckle coloring of an owl in a tree or a slightly off-colored chameleon sitting on rocks.

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