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Best Environments for Drawing and Painting


Art is one of the oldest known means of expressing our feelings for the world around us and is far older than the written word. Different times of year, day or place can inspire different artworks, from a dark evening in winter to a seascape on a sunny coastline.

Let’s take a look at a few of these, and hope to inspire you with some new ways of taking your art group or class to feel the world in which we live.

Winter and Darkness

Many people in the higher latitudes know the feelings of winter. Long nights, short days, slate gray skies, and storms. These people may spend their time sitting by a log fire with the curtains closed and the weather raging outside.

Reds and darkness with the colors of fire lighting up the night and typical of winter. Crayon and other heavier media perhaps suit this environment.

Spring - New Beginnings

Who doesn’t love the sight of new shoots emerging from the warming soil? Spring lambs frolicking on green fields?

Greens and fresh colors become the dominant colors of this time of year as the world wakes up and dusts itself off for the warmer months.

Markers and colored pencils can be a good media for displaying springtime as you play with the new light breaking over the world.

Sunshine and Open Horizons

Watercolors are a good media for being outside in summer. Endless horizons with a blue wash as a background. The eyes looking at distances and sharpness not an issue as we take in the world near and far.

Envision a picture painted or drawn of a beach with the coastline and sea stretching out forever and how it differs to the close and cozy atmosphere of that indoors in winter.

Fall - Nighttime Around a Fire

Around the Fall Equinox some people light fires outside to scare off the demons of the night for the coming long nights of winter. Again fire becomes an important palette of colors but so do people outdoors, carousing and bellies full, preparing for the onset of winter.

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