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Guide to Using Art Supplies as Party Favors

A host that offers party favors allows everyone that attends a party to come back home with something fun. Bulk art supplies from Color Swell make great party favors!

There is something suitable for most youngsters with the variety of art supplies that we offer, including Color Swell crayons for the youngest kids and markers, paint, and colored pencils for the slightly older kids.

Color Swell art supplies are non-toxic and safe for all ages.  

Next, consider if you will have an art-themed party and/or art party favors?

Art supplies at a mixed age party can be used to distract the younger ones or help them chill out from too much dancing and sugary drinks! 

Buy Your Party Favors from Color Swell!!!

Color Swell offers a wide range of bulk art supplies that should suit most needs, from a small group to a large gathering.