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Create a Photo Book of Your Art Projects

Kids produce a lot of art in their creative moments. Before you know it your walls are covered and there are stacks more to put up.

In a previous Color Swell post we looked at creating frames for the best artwork. In this post we explore archiving and putting your favorite pictures in a photo book.


Every month or so - depended on the volume of artwork - put your favorite artwork in frames and hang them around your home. Swap your favorites with newer pieces regularly.   

Before removing the old pieces from the frames, set them on a white sheet or wooden board (or whatever background you choose) and photograph or scan them.

Upload and Send for Printing

Keep the photos or scans as albums for each child (or for your own artwork) in a folder or by tagging them.

Choose a photo book printing company to print the book. Depending on the volume of artwork, you may choose to make these books annually. Most of these printing companies have an intuitive user interface and offer a range of options for the books (and different prices for each).


Order 2 to 3 books as gifts for those who share your enthusiasm for your or your children's artwork. Grandparents love to see their grandchildren’s artwork!  

Keep an archive of the books. This way everyone can see how your or your children’s skills have developed over time. You'll enjoy going through the books with a smile and nostalgic memories when you leaf through them.

Color Swell Art Supplies

Use Color Swell bulk art supplies to make the art that you keep in the photo books and you will be assured of high quality, long lasting memories. Buy your Color Swell art materials today!