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When to Introduce Art Supplies to Children

The earlier you can introduce your little one to art and expression of any kind, the more that they will benefit.

Art Helps Brain Development

Expressing ourselves through art, writing and music helps our brains wire up and rewire. Neural plasticity is a concept where nerves find new connections, and this is at its greatest in a baby’s younger years.

Encouraging art helps a child process the world around them, from a psychological point of view as well as simply reflecting on the world around them. They could feel angry or relaxed during an art activity or simply just draw a love heart with the image of you.

Art and Social Development

The act of making art with someone - a father, a mother, a sibling, or a play date - can help children improve social skills. It is an act of cooperation and discussion.

Some Ideas to Engage With Art

Even Monet and Da Vinci scribbled once! Introduce your child or baby to some art supplies and let them express themselves. Use an ASTM certified non-toxic art material such as crayons, watercolor paints and markers.

Cooperate but don’t coach. If they are leading the activity, from hand prints to producing shapes on the paper, then they are in charge. By following them you are showing them they have the podium from time to time. “What shall we do?” is a great question as opposed to “Let’s do…”

Praise but don’t criticize. Certainly in the earliest experiences of art, whatever they do will always be right and good. You will be able to see their artistic expression develop over time by keeping their art. As their portfolio develops, reviewing their artwork can become another past-time for you to enjoy with them.

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