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What Type of Art Supply Are You?

Now for something a little abstract! What sort of Color Swell art supply are you? Based on the characteristics of the bulk art supplies we offer at Color Swell, we wonder if you could identify with the products that we sell at our online store?

Let’s have a look at the types of the art supplies we sell and perhaps suggest what art supply you might be!

What Sort of Art Supply Are You?

Are you strong and bold, unafraid to stand out? You must be a Color Swell super tip washable marker!

Being bold and willing to mingle with others, you may well be a Color Swell bulk crayon set! If you really love to stand out even among those who like to make a splash, could you be a neon crayon set?

On the other hand, are you a shrinking violet, prone to blending and fading into the background? You may well be a watercolor set!

Are you concise and detail oriented, yet like to stand out from the crowd? You could be a fine tip metallic marker bulk pack!

Are you rule-based and color within the lines? Could that mean you’re a colored pencil through the contours and shadows?!

If you’re colorful and tactile and love to stand out from the crowd, you could well be an oil pastel set!

But what about those who like to fix things for others? You know, the one who cleans up everyone’s mess and doesn’t like to leave unwanted things around? Could you be an eraser set?

If you’re a little bit of everything, this could mean that you’re an art mixed bulk pack!

Have we nailed it?

So there we have it - a suggestion as to what art supplies you might "be" based on the important aspects of the art supplies we sell at Color Swell! Do you identify with them?

Whatever the color or type of your personality, Color Swell has the right bulk art supplies for you. Visit our store to see what we mean!