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What makes the back of sticky easel pads so sticky and reapplyable?

Color Swell stocks a wide range of bulk art supplies for you and your organization to use, whether for kids or in the workplace. One of our favorite products is our sticky easel pads for classroom and office use. The pages can be stuck on multiple surfaces, time and again without leaving any residue.

A Glue Without A Use

The scientist who discovered the glue that is currently used on sticky easel pads in the 1960s did not fully comprehend what he’d discovered. It was not strong like super glue and did not dry like other glues.

It took about 20 years for the applications of this discovery to be realized and the sticky note was born. Over the years these sticky notes have been offered in a variety of sizes, colors, and patterns. Color Swell easel pads not only offer sticky backs that can be applied to multiple surfaces multiple times, but the clean white paper, easily perforated edges, and free pack of markers are also great benefits.  

Advantages of Color Swell Sticky Easel Pads

Color Swell easel pads can be fixed to a surface and then peeled off and attached to another surface. Here's a tip: if the surface is clean, smooth, and dust free then the sticky-backed paper can be stuck to many more surfaces for longer. Pollutants like dirt, sand and grease can reduce the sticking ability.

Buy Color Swell Sticky Easel Pads Today!

Color Swell bulk sticky easel pads come in packs of 6 pads (30 sheets each) and include a free pack of Color Swell broadline markers!