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What Are the Basic Art Supplies?

 You do not need a lot of expensive materials to become a successful artist. By purchasing your art supplies from Color Swell, you would receive great value for the quality art supplies that you need to make your next masterpiece.

Colored Pencils 

Colored pencils are a good addition to your art supplies. Have a look at what we offer.

You need a quality pencil sharpener for colored pencils and softer graphite pencils. Have a look at our blog on the matter here.

Paints and Palettes

Watercolor paints are an essential part of your basic art supplies.

Have you thought of tempera paints too? These are a safer alternative to acrylic paints and can often be applied to similar surfaces. See our blog on tempera paints here!


The right medium to apply your fine art is important as well.

For watercolors, try to use pre-stretched paper. Use a heavier cartridge paper for tempera paint and a lighter paper for basic sketching.

Final Word

The mark that you leave on the paper or canvas is going to be one of greatness simply because you created it.

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