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What are ‘ASTM D 4236 Standards’?

When you look at Color Swell products you will always see details like ‘Non toxic, kid friendly, and conforms to ASTM standards’. Why do we need to say this?

It is a legal statement that confirms that our products are safe for you and your children. 

US Law on Art Supplies

As you’re aware, there are all sorts of chemicals, nasty and otherwise, that we encounter in our daily lives. For everyone's safety, the US government has legislated details for safe ingredients (and packaging) for art supplies.

The ASTM D-4236 safety standards are recognized in law as being the gold standard of child art supply safety.

Color Swell Products Conform to ASTM D-4236 Standards

By law we must state if there are any substances in our paints, markers, crayons and pencils that may cause an allergic reaction or harm you or your child in any way.

We are also allowed to state that our products contain nontoxic ingredients, such as our bulk crayon packs. While this may mean that it is safe to ingest our crayons, we do not recommend it (they are very bland!).  

Safety Assured with Color Swell

By conforming to ASTM D-4236 safety standards, you can be assured that Color Swell products won’t cause harm if used properly. This gives you peace of mind and confidence that our products are safe to the skin and body.

Buy your bulk art supplies from Color Swell today!