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Ways of Keeping Your Child Occupied with Restaurant Crayons

Kids sometime find restaurants to be a bit dull. Crayons are widely seen as the best way of keeping children occupied while waiting for food. 

A brand marketing company recently revealed in a survey that 74% of parents will choose a restaurant if it is child friendly and 75% of them expected restaurant crayons as part of the experience. 

Get Adults to Engage

On a busy night out, even the adults at the table might be getting twitchy about the wait. Why not have some crayons and pages for adults? Then everyone can have some fun!

Coloring Competitions and Games

If the grownups are engaged in coloring, then everyone can get engaged and make a game of it. This game could be particularly good for the younger members of the dining party as they will feel more engaged.

Here are some other coloring games:

  • Everyone has the same image - who can color it the fastest?
  • Who can color the same image the neatest in a given time?
  • Passing a single page around the table and give everyone 1 minute each to add colors and patterns. 

Rotate the role of judge between everyone at the table, so even the youngest can decide who wins.

Bring some appropriate coloring pages

Ahead of your night out, print out some age appropriate coloring pages. So when you arrive at the restaurant you will be confident that everyone will have something that appeals to them.

For younger children choose big outlines like animals and monsters. For older children you may choose more detailed patterns and pictures.

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