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The Importance of Depth in Watercolor Palettes

Where it comes to bulk watercolors, depth of the palettes are an important factor for both value for money and the pleasure of the children using them.

Buy cheap - get expensive? 

One of the key factors in choosing a bulk order of watercolours from a supplier has to be how much it will cost, balanced with how much use each palette will get over time.

Often enough where it comes to suppliers in all businesses there is the concept of ‘buy cheap - get cheap’ where the quality or quantity is compromised in favor of the vendor being able to sell their goods at a lower price.

That doesn’t need to be the case. Here at Color Swell we have a policy of selling quality art supplies at a competitive price. That means for you our customer you will get quality watercolors that will last a lot longer, reducing your need to come back to us time and again to purchase more supplies.

Adding to the enjoyment of art

Ever read a book so enjoyable you feel down when you’re nearing the end of it? Painting can affect the artist in much the same way! Having enough paint for the child to paint their masterpiece will enable them to turn their imagination into reality on paper, and if a particular color runs out so they cannot see their vision appear. That can cause a bit of a downer as they attempt to compromise their vision.

Having sufficient quantity of a quality art supply is therefore important for you the activity provider so your children can get into the flow of the artwork without having to scrabble around looking for the color that they need from elsewhere.

Buy bulk watercolors from us today! 

The bulk watercolors we sell here at Color Swell are designed to maximize your value for money and the pleasure that the children you serve get out of the artwork they make. Our watercolor palettes are deeper than those of our competitors and that means you will a quality product without skimping on the quantity. Yes, in buying from us you ‘buy cheap - get expensive’!