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Safety Practices For Kids Using Scissors

Teach kids the skills for safely using scissors. 

Round End Scissors

Color Swell only sells round-tipped scissors, which is an important safety measure. The blades are still sharp so care should be taken to be sure that they understand that if the blades can cut paper they can also cut skin.

Well Lit Area

Make sure that the area in which they are working is well lit so they can clearly see what they are doing with the scissors. 

Straight Lines

When it comes to practicing the use of scissors, start with something easy. A straight line is good for teaching the long scissor strokes necessary to utilize the length of the blades. 

More Complex Lines 

Generally speaking, children shouldn’t start using scissors until they are at least five years old, which is when their fine motor skills are at a level where they can safely start to use scissors. As children develop fine motor skills, move away from simple, straight lines and into more complex patterns requiring shorter strokes and different angles.

Children’s Scissors from Color Swell 

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