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Safe Ways to Keep Kids Scissors Sharp

Kids scissors need to be kept sharp. Though identified as ‘safe’, you need to remember that any cutting tool is capable of damaging clothing and flesh - in addition to paper and other craft materials.

Characteristics of Kids Scissors

Kids scissors are characterized as having rounded ends that will not make holes with a pointy tip.

Kids scissors can be all metal or plastic with metal blades attached.

These scissors will be smaller to be more easily controlled by small hands as kids learn to cut lines and curves.

Good Technique Maintains Blades

Teaching kids long cutting motions with scissors will keep them in good condition. This practice allow the whole blade to wear evenly.

When Are Kids Scissors Too Blunt?

Typical kids scissors should be able to cut 2-3 pages of paper when new.

The obvious sign that kids scissors are too blunt is when they start to ‘chew’ the paper and not cut it cleanly.

Sharpening Scissors Safely


You can use fine sandpaper to file the blade. Most kids scissors are made of a softer metal that will respond well to sandpaper. Use long strokes along the length of the blade. 

Another technique is to get some kitchen aluminum foil. Fold the foil into four layers and snip through it. After a few cuts the scissor blades should be restored.

Color Swell Kids Scissors

Have a look at our classroom-sized bulk scissors pack here. Given the techniques that we have outlined above, the scissors should last for many years.