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Permanent Marker Stains Don’t Need to be There Forever!

Permanent markers aren’t permanent if you know how to remove them! Here we will look at eight ways of removing permanent marker stains from hard surfaces, such as wood, metal, and plastic.

Whether wood, metal or plastic, find a small hidden on the piece of furnishing and mark it again with the same permanent marker. Let it dry and try the methods below. Once you have successfully removed the mark, go to the visible mark and work on that.

8 Methods of Removing Permanent Marker

Alcohol -  This could be a favorite whisky, vodka or rum, as long as it contains than 40% alcohol. Soak a cloth in it and rub the test mark to see if it removes it. You should see the mark disappear as alcohol breaks down the pigments.

WD-40 -  This is another hydrocarbon solvent that should remove a mark successfully. The smell may appeal more than whisky or vodka too!

Bicarbonate of soda and white toothpaste (not gel) - Mix the two components together in a 1:1 mix and then use a cloth to gently scrub the mark. Unlike the two solvent methods above, this is a gentle abrasive.

Another abrasive is peanut butter! The vegetable oil will break down the pigment while the peanuts will act as an abrasive. Use with a soft bristled brush (an old toothbrush perhaps) to tackle the stain. A similar idea using abrasives is the pencil eraser that you rub on the mark as you would a pencil mark on paper.

Hand sanitizer is another solvent based permanent removal agent. Again, the alcohol for killing bugs on your hands will also break down the pigments. Another thing you could try is an acetone based nail polish remover. Could you try sun cream instead? These three may well be floating around your home and be readily available to clean up the marker's marks! 

Do you have a whiteboard marker? These contain a non-polar solvent that can break down many pigments. Though counterintuitive you’d draw all over the unwanted mark and rub it and the accidental mark off with a cloth.

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