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Must-Have Art Supplies for Children

Art is a wonderful way of helping children develop.  

Introduce New Art Supplies as Children Age

Starting around 3 years old, children mostly use crayons to be creative by scribbling and coloring. 

Roughly between the age of 3 and 6 years old, introduce other products like washable markers and watercolors. They may make mess, so be sure to cover the table, wear smocks, and use washable non-toxic art supplies.   

As their skills develop and they are more consistently coloring within the lines, introduce other art supplies like colored pencils, scissors, tempera paints and oil pastels.

The benefits of this type of progression include creative expression, coordination development, and a form of mindfulness and study.   

Color Swell Art Supplies

Color Swell art supplies are non-toxic and most products are washable.  Have a look around the Color Swell shop today!