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More Silly Art Jokes from Color Swell (June 2023)

Ready for a giggle or even a great big belly laugh?  It depends on your sense of humor, but we hope that you enjoy this month's selection of jokes about art supplies.  

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Here are the silly jokes!

I knew that giving my kids crayons for a gift was a bad idea.
The writing was on the wall.

     I once knew a guy who cut small sculptures from Filet Minion.
     Apparently, that medium is rare, but it’s the steak of the art.

Q: Why did the little boy through crayons in the air every morning?
A: He wanted to be sure that the day got off to a flying art.

     The art show is coming up. I’m etching to go!

We hope that we got a good chuckle out of you, at least.  

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Have a colorful day!