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Mental Health Benefits of Drawing and Coloring

Drawing and coloring are great ways to be present in the moment and quietening your inner voice. Focus is another great benefit. Overall, there are many mental health benefits to drawing and coloring.

Right Here, Right Now

Sometimes you do not really appreciate an object until you sit down and sketch it. Why? As you sit down and draw the image so you are studying its every curve and detail. Many experienced sketchers find a sense of mindfulness in using their art.

Many meditation techniques are about letting go of the world outside and inner chatter. To that extent, merely sitting down and appreciating something or some place can enable you to achieve a similar state.

Coloring a complex mandala or other line drawing can also achieve the same sense of oneness. The more complex the image you are working on, the less the mind wanders. Think of drawing and coloring as a form of mindfulness meditation, which has very similar effects on the brain.

The Silence Within

The world is so complex that our minds can be firing constantly. This can be exhausting as we overthink the situations and events.

You go away on vacation to shed the daily hassles and just enjoy being you or being among those you love. Meditation has a similar outcome - allowing the mind to rest and not be constantly at work.

Research shows that 20 minutes of coloring before bed can get the brainwaves ready to wind down for a good night’s sleep. This is certainly better than being on social media as screen time can continue to stress the mind.


When focusing on something that is important, you are not worrying or distracted by the outside world. Meditation practitioners recommend that you should meditate at least 20 minutes a day. As an alternative to mindful meditation, drawing and coloring can achieve very much the same thing with a creative outcome!

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