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Making Clean-up Fun

Art classes and sessions can come in three phases:

1. Building excitement as you tell everyone what they’re about to do;

2. The big fun of doing it and putting their artwork together;

3. The downer at the end when it’s time to put everything away and cleaning up.

Most people do not like the third step, so why not do things to make it fun and engaging? If they enjoy the tidy-up-time at the end, then the class or session will end on a high, just as it began! Here’s some tips as to make the final part of the class more fun and engaging.

Have a List

Break down the tidying and cleaning into a set of small, achievable goals. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!

Write the list on a whiteboard or have Velcro stickers for each task, and when the job is completed move the task from ‘To Do’ to ‘Done’ so there is a visual representation of their efforts.

Set a Timer

Kids love a race! For each task, set a realistic time for them to try to beat. You can even use a buzzer or horn that goes off at the end. We love a funny bike horn that gets the young ones to laugh too.

Make it a Game

If tidying up is a race and a game - with some rules about quality - then the kids should be more engaged.

Consider a badge or sticker for the participant who did the best job of each task.

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