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Make a Homemade Crayon Holder

Crayons are not just for the home or the classroom. Creating a homemade and portable crayon holder is a fun project that is also useful for traveling with your Color Swell crayons.   

Toilet Roll Holders

Keep your toilet paper and paper towel rolls as you run out.  Start the project by taking an index card or paper the size of a playing card and cut out four small tabs. Glue the tabs inside of the tube, which will act as the bottom of the holder. 

Decorate the tube and place the crayons inside when complete. Pinch the top and secure with a binder clip or a clothes peg.


All Wrapped Up

Use an old tablecloth or curtains and line the crayons with a ruler and measure the width. Add roughly six inches one end.

For width, make the cloth double the length of two crayons. Put the crayons in, roll them up, and tie with a bit of ribbon. If you’re really crafty, sew or glue a flap that is half the length of the crayons for the entire length of the wrap for easier access.

Block of Wood

Select wood that is 1 to 2 inches in width. Using a drill bit that is slightly wider than the width of a crayon, drill holes around a half inch deep in the wood. Use Color Swell crayons or markers to decorate the wood. Insert the crayons in the drilled holes for a crayon holder that makes it easy to select by color.  


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