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How to Have More Creative Energy?

Around wintertime we often face dark skies, little daylight and a general malaise that can - combined with endless social and work demands - have an impact on our creative work.

Can we beat it?  Humanity has learned techniques to keep our creative energy flowing. Here are a select few of those techniques:

Meet Our Basic Needs

With the high costs of living and the pressures of life being often severe, we need to remember our basic needs, which are eating well, sleeping well, getting exercise, and love and relationships. Without these we can fall out of balance.

Taking Time Out

There is an old saying that goes, “Meditate for at least half an hour a day - unless you’re too busy and stressed. In which case, meditate for at least an hour.”  Meditation in any of its forms is a great benefit to our creativity.

You don’t need to sit cross-legged in a dark room to meditate - you can go out for a walk or run. If you get to the point on your walk or run that you are completely in the moment and aren’t mentally untangling your life then you are "transcending", just like people who practice Transcendental Meditation.

What Makes You?

Do something that makes you. What is your passion in life? What makes you happy? 

Simply being around your family or children can be the apogee of life for many. Some find solace in being on a boat or sitting by a riverbank and fishing. Others are fighting for social justice in some form. Playing a musical instrument badly, writing or drawing a terrible picture are other things that make us whole.


The main point here is to find inspiration. It helps to try to do something different and see life from another angle every day. This might include watching a documentary, walking in a woodland in the fog, or simply taking a different route to work.

Once Inspired, Then What?

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