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How to Get Longest Life Out of Markers

Color Swell sells bulk markers that have a long lifespan, but did you know you can prolong their lifespan even more with a little extra care? With these simple "tips" (pun intended) you should maximize the time between orders and minimize your outlay on art supplies.


Caps on!


We know - kids get so absorbed in the fun they have with markers, whether coloring each other, the walls and table or even the paper you have given them, that they aren’t too fussed about replacing the caps after use.


Yes, that does mean a few minutes after an art session of replacing the caps. Does it really matter what color the caps are? Our bulk markers all have their true colors marked on them in stripes on the body and at the top end. Kids will soon figure it out!


Reviving ‘dead’ markers


It is possible to revive a dried out marker. The solvent for the pigments of our bulk markers is just water, so simply getting them wet could revive them for more use.


Here’s a five step process to revive a marker with a dry tip:


  1. Run the tip of the marker under a trickle of tap water for a few moments to get the tip moist.
  2. Wrap the tip in clingfilm.
  3. Leave the marker vertical with the tip at the top for a day.
  4. Turn it tip down and leave it for a day.
  5. If only slightly working, repeat the previous steps.


As a general rule, the longer the marker has been left to dry out the longer this process will take (as the water soaks up the filaments and dissolves more of the pigments). A marker that marks slightly (but isn’t working properly) will need less work.