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How to Color with Color Swell Crayons

Observing the less-than-perfect scribbles that children make with their crayons you might think that coloring with crayons are not the best medium. However, if you use the right techniques, coloring with Color Swell crayons can be as beautiful and satisfying as any other art supply.

Color in the Same Direction

Start with a random scribble with crayons and you will see that the random movements lay down uneven colors and patterns.

Now try coloring in the same direction in parallel lines. The result is an even color that is devoid of extra patterns.

Color Outside the Lines

Use scissors to cut out the shapes that you are coloring at the end of your project (though the overlap reasonably neat). This technique avoids the issue of not coloring in exact and neat areas. 

Apply Consistent Pressure

Inconsistent pressure when coloring or drawing lines will be clear in the end result. Although younger kids may have difficulty with this, older children should be able to find a comfortable pressure that will not exhaust their hands. The end result will be a consistent and even texture.

Apply Different Pressure for Emphasis

A technique beyond applying a consistent pressure is to use heavier pressure where to emphasize part of a drawing, such as a deeper bit of water on a lake or a bush on a lawn.

Use a deliberately lighter pressure for the bulk of the picture and increased pressure for the detailing.


As with so many other coloring mediums, crayon colors can be mixed and blended. Choose similar colors for emphasis (perhaps a brown over red) and different colors for outline and detail.

Heat and Blending

A more advanced technique is to use heat for blending. Use a hairdryer to explore this technique, including these methods:

  • Heat the paper then while warm, color onto it with crayons
  • Warm the crayons themselves
  • Warm the artwork after it has been colored. You can also use a hard edge to change the texture and blending after it has been colored. 

Scratch Technique

Put down layers of different crayon colors and then paint over them using black tempera paint. Then scratch the paint selectively to reveal the bright colors underneath.

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