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How Does Coloring Aid Children’s Learning and Development?

 Art and coloring does a lot to help children’s learning and development. It helps with focus, fine motor skills, creativity, expression, and other subjects in school.  


As a child gets absorbed by their activity, it flexes the brain’s ability to focus. The brain is like a muscle - the more it is used positively the better it functions. Helping a child to get absorbed in an art project prepare them well for school and the workplace.

Fine Motor Skills

A child that learns to color fine patterns (like coloring within the lines) will net progress to handwriting. When using a computer a child's fine motor skills can be used in mouse work and even in gaming.

Other Subjects

The act of writing was also a highly creative form, as can be seen in Ireland’s Book of Kells with its incredibly ornate calligraphy. This takes the art of writing to a new level, and can be a means of helping the child express themselves through signage and even language.

Creativity and Expression

An early years scribble develops into legible pictures and then into imagery during a child’s development. Not all become master artists, but give them an outlet and they will create something that they will enjoy. Colors can express moods - blues and greens anger and sadness, reds and oranges express happiness and cheer. Expression is an important outlet for a child’s mental health. 

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