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Have You Seen Our Beginner’s Guides?

Color Swell loves to show our customers the best and different ways of using the our products. Have you seen our Beginners Guides? 

The guides show you the best techniques to achieve the sort of results very quickly that you might otherwise attribute to more advanced artists. While we can’t promise you will be the next Turner watercolorist, we can show you that masters are those who master the techniques that almost anyone can do!

Beginners Guide to Watercolors

Color Swell's Beginners Guide to Watercolors looks at the things you need to do to get the best out of our watercolors.

The guide starts with the essential equipment and supplies, including choices of paper. It then builds out to things like organizing your palette and then slightly more advanced techniques like layering and mixing paints. We also cover experiments like using tissue or even salt to achieve certain results with your watercolors.

Colored Pencils Beginners Guide

Our Colored Pencils Beginners Guide starts out by suggesting the best paper and what else you will need to achieve the best results with your colored pencils. After looking at the concept of the color palette and the different colors that can be achieved using those colors, then the guide looks at the types of marks that you can make with the pencils and then it builds into the more advanced techniques - like shading - to achieve 3D effects.

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