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Eraser Stamp Art Project

Color Swell erasers can be used for a great project - as ink stamps! You can create your own eraser stamps and have all sorts of fun.

Tools to Make Eraser Stamps

    Ideas for the stamps

    Cutting tool (use with caution and proper supervision)

    Color Swell erasers


    Stamp ink

Ideas for Stamp Projects

Remember that everything you stamp will be the mirror image of the eraser's shape. So where it comes to lettering, that means you need to think about writing backwards. The same applies to other asymmetrical images.

Will you be using symmetrical patterns like leaves or lines or a holiday decoration? 

Making the Eraser Stamp

The first step is to draw the design on the eraser with a pen or marker.

Remember that the harder that you press the stamp, more of the stamp will show as it expands. So you can experiment by having parts that are thicker and thinner on the final design.

Using the cutting tool (carefully), carve the design according to the picture drawn on the eraser.

Test as You Go

Since there are 108 erasers in the Color Swell bulk pack, this project can be a trial and error process. Cut too much away and the stamp will be fragile. Cut away too little and the parts that shouldn’t be inked will show in the stamp.

As the cutting progresses, use the stamp on some paper until you get the required design.

Color Swell Erasers

Look at the Color Swell store to buy erasers for an eraser stamp project.