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Encourage Students to Develop Their Own Style in Art

Getting a student to express their very own style in art comes from education as well as by looking within themselves. 

Do Not Reinvent the Wheel

An art influencer or instructor can show their students a wide array of art disciplines, techniques, and masters so the students can become inspired by one or more things that interest them.

Some suggestions include:

  • Banksy’s subversive street art
  • Michelangelo/Da Vinci’s classical works
  • Greek sculpture
  • Watercolors by Turner
  • Abstract by Picasso or Dali
  • Ancient Greek bronze sculpture
  • Different cultures’ art styles

The more that the students see and feel, the more they are likely to have a "lightbulb moment".

As a final thought, be eclectic as your own biases might influence the students and unintentionally limit their direction and potential.

Allowing Room to Explore

A student in Annapolis or Fort Lauderdale might have an eye for the sea and boats. A student New York City or San Francisco may be exposed to different cultures and wish to reflect their own experiences.

Whatever the students' experience, allow time and space for that expression. It may not be something that you expected, but in supporting them in the direction they choose they will flourish both as people and in their art.

Art Supplies for Your Students

Look at the different Color Swell products that you can use to guide your students to develop their own artistic styles.