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Do You Need Expensive Art Materials?

The short answer is no - at least until you are selling your artwork. There are millions of great artists but few who actually sell their work. You need to have the enthusiasm and love for making art. 

Practice, Practice, Practice!

All artists developed their technique through practice. Yes, all artists are gifted in some way but at the start of their careers they all started with those first marks on paper .

Just who is the child before you playing with Color Swell art materials? Will they go on to be geniuses who the world loves when they make their mark? Many famous people put their first marks on paper as toddlers and went onto grow to giants in the public imagination.

Develop Good Technique

Less expensive art supplies are fine at first. Practice with quality but reasonable art supplies and as you develop your skills, you may require more specific tools. 


Quality Doesn’t Always Mean expensive!

Remember that quality art supplies do not have to be expensive. Color Swell bulk art supplies are fine for many great artists, including the ones who just spend time doing art for the love of it!