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Do I need to store my art supplies in specific conditions?

Most art supplies that you buy from Color Swell will last a long time. A little care can ensure that the markers, paints and crayons will be there for many art projects in the future. 

Paint Brushes

When using tempera paints, do not need to throw the pain brushes away after use. Gently cleaning the brushes with warm water will make them ready to use again and again.

Store the brushes and paints out of direct sunlight in a cool and dry place and they should last for up to two years.


Keep paint in an airtight container and out of the sunlight. UV rays can damage paints even if they are not on paper.

A good place to keep watercolor paints is in a closed container or box.

A cupboard is also a very good place to store watercolors as the temperature won’t be affected by sunlight and air won’t circulate too much.


As your own teacher no doubt reminded you time and again, keep the caps on your markers as they will dry out without their caps!

Keep your markers in an airtight container out of direct sunlight as well.  


That darned sun again! Yes, over time, sunlight can lead to artwork fading. Unless the artwork is on display (such as a prominent place in your living room) do try to keep it away from the sun as the pigments that are exposed to UV will break down over time.

The Cupboard

The cupboard (or desk drawer) is a perfect place to keep art supplies and stationery. If it has large drawers you can also store paper and the artwork too!

Buy Your Art Supplies from Color Swell Today!

Once you have your Color Swell art supplies, be sure to store them correctly to keep them in good condition.